We upvalue

textile waste

into novel packaging solution

Customized rigid box

Sustainable alternative to a premium cardboard box, crafter from repurposed textile waste. A solution that reflects your commitment to the planet. 

E-commerce mailer

Rethink your shipping practices with eco-conscious e-commerce mailer that is designed from textile waste, providing a greener alternative to bubble mailer.

Rental rigid box

Reusable and returnable packaging solution for e-commerce that aligns with circular economy practices while reducing environmental footprint.

Our Clients

Our clients involve fashion, beauty and pharmaceutical brands, and re-commerce companies. We also provide VIP gift boxes for private and public organizations.

Upvaluing textile waste into packaging

Recycled waste

KIUD packaging is made of recycled textiles, which 75% is landfilled in EU each year.

Distinctive texture

Compressed fibers enhance the durability and create a distinctive surface texture.

Less CO2

KIUD packaging has an average of -50% smaller CO2 footprint than cardboard.

No trees cut down

Our dry manufacturing process doesn’t require any water nor the trees.

Story behind KIUD

KIUD  (formerly Low imPACK) was founded by 2 aspirational female entrepreneurs who share a mutual pain for the fashion industry’s impact on the environment. Namely the piling landfills of the textile waste.


Our vision is to disrupt the wood-based packaging industry by transforming discarded textile waste into novel packaging material.


The concept behind KIUD packaging has won several awards, including Prototron Green (2022) and Creative Industries Pitching Award at sTARTUp Day (2022). 


We are currently participating in Ajujaht season 16, JTI’s Collaboration Track and S2B Launchpad Incubation program.

We are acknowledged

2023 has been great for KIUD! Here are the recent collaborations and international acceleration programs we have been involved in.

JTI Collaboration Track

Corporate collaboration program empowered by JTI and Startup Bootcamp.

Ajujaht season 16

Ajujaht is the best-known start-up accelerator in Estonia.

Climate Launchpad

Climate Launchpad is an international Greentech competition.

S2B Launchpad

12-month program boosting the business develpment and investor readiness.

Let's leave the trees in the forest & make packages from textile waste

We believe that textile waste should not be landfilled in the modern world!