KIUD | Premium packaging from textile waste

20x reusable packaging for re-commerce sector

82% less carbon emissions

KIUD helps companies who provide trade-in (old-for-new), buyback and rental services of small consumer electronics to reduce their packaging cost, waste and environmental footprint.



KIUD packages are made of safe and durable textile waste, with over 80% lower CO2 footprint than corrugated cardboard.

CO2 emissions saved
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This is how much we can save together

KIUD packaging is made of recycled textile waste that doesn’t require any water or trees to be cut down.

When opting for KIUD packaging solution for trade-in scheme we can save together over 80% of carbon emissions.

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Mihkel Pihl, Telia Estonia

How to return your mobile device with KIUD

  1. Reset your device to factory settings.
  2. Insert the mobile into the inner pocket.
  3. Close the box
  4. Seal the box with the address label

Durable & Safe

Tear and crack resistant material enables safe transport


Transport labels stick firmly on the surface


Special pocket fits mobiles and iwatches in multiple sizes

Easy to clean

Simple maintenance that saves warehouse costs

How does it work

Our closed-loop recommerce packaging rental solution is perfect for trade-in and buy-back schemes for small scale electronic devices – mobile phones, i-watches, etc.

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