KIUD | Premium packaging from textile waste


Rent KIUD packaging

KIUD offers packaging rental system is for the companies that operate in e-commerce and would like to start using reusable packages in their online store.


Joining the rental system enquires integrating a unique plugin at the check-out section of the e-shop. The plugin enables the consumer to choose a reusable packaging option and pay 3€ deposit for it. The deposit money will be refunded once the consumer returns the empty package.


We provide plugins for Woocommerce.


The packaging rental system is currently only available within Estonia.

Sustainable option for


Clothing, accessories, lifestyle products


Cosmetics, body care,
hair products


Health care, prescription, medicals


Mobiles, accessories, consumer goods

Other goods

Books, ceramics, other fragile goods

Smartpost Itella x KIUD

KIUD’s packaging can be now returned to any Smartpost Itella parcel machines within Estonia.

Register the return by scanning the QR code on the package and a unique Smartpost door code will be generated.


Remove all the old transport labels and return empty package.