KIUD | Premium packaging from textile waste

We where chosen to Ajujaht season 16​

Ajujaht, Estonian version of the Shark Tank, is a startup competition that this year received 120 applications from Estonia and abroad. We were among TOP20.

AJUJAHT is a renowned Estonian startup competition that serves as a launchpad for promising ventures. KIUD (then Low imPACK) was hand-selected to TOP20 by the jury consisting of local startup industry leaders and mentors. In the next 5 months we will participate in the AJUJAHT accelerator program that is designed to provide us with invaluable guidance, mentorship, and resources to propel our business forward.

Moreover, the anticipation builds as we aim for the next milestone: the selection of the TOP10 teams in 30th September that will compete in the AJUJAHT TV-show, This chance helps us reach larger audience and show how our e-commerce packaging rental system really works.

Stay tuned for updates as we continue our AJUJAHT adventure!